Ragin' Cajun Catholics

The Mission of the Ragin' Cajun Catholics Campus Ministry at Our Lady of Wisdom Church & Catholic Student Center is: To Form Lifelong Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Integral to building community on campus is the formation of small groups and Bible studies, led by Wisdom's team of 5 FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) missionaries. FOCUS invites students to participate in and lead Bible Studies, mentors students in living out the Gospel of Christ, and challenges students to prayerfully discern their vocation. Our FOCUS missionaries are the foot soldiers of our campus ministry, dedicating 100% of their time to student outreach, and inviting new students into a life with Christ on a daily basis.

Your gift will help to fund Wisdom's FOCUS team for the '18-'19 school year. Best yet, each and every dollar you give will be matched, up to $34,000! Thanks to Friends of the RCCs, SK Landers Family, Inc., and Richard & Dianne Carlisle for making the matching funds possible.

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Category: Religion & Faith Based
Parish: Lafayette
Website: http://www.ragincajuncatholics.org