What is South Louisiana Giving Day?

South Louisiana Giving Day is a 24-hour online giving event organized by Community Foundation of Acadiana (CFA). The goal of South Louisiana Giving Day is to inspire the community to come together for 24 hours to contribute as many charitable dollars as possible to support the work of local nonprofit organizations, churches and schools. Using your personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you are encouraged to visit www.SouthLouisianaGivingDay.org, select a participant's profile page and make a donation. It's that easy!

When is South Louisiana Giving Day? 

South Louisiana Giving Day will be held on Thursday, May 10, 2018 from 12:00:01 AM - 11:59:59 PM.

Where is South Louisiana Giving Day? 

South Louisiana Giving Day is an online, web-based event. All event-related donations can be made online by visiting www.SouthLouisianaGivingDay.org. Donors can schedule donations online beginning on March 12 until May 9, or donate online during the 24 hour event on May 10. The event will be managed from the office of Community Foundation of Acadiana in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

Who can participate?

Eligible organizations are:

How does my organization register?

While registration for the 2018 event has closed, please click HERE to learn more about requirements for registration for 2019.

Can more than one person claim admin access on our organization's page?

Yes, pending approval from existing administrators. An administrator of your organization's profile can add additional people to be administrators. This can be done in the back-end section of the organizations profile page. Every person with administrative access can make changes to the content on their profile, as well as add and change photos and videos.

What is the deadline to ensure my participation in South Louisiana Giving Day?

The registration period for South Louisiana Giving Day is January 16 – March 1, 2018.

What is the cost to register my organization?

There is no charge to nonprofit organizations, churches and schools to participate.

How can our organization be most successful with South Louisiana Giving Day?

Attend a mandatory webinar or workshop and check out our tips in the Toolkit.

Who can our organization contact if we have questions about South Louisiana Giving Day?

You can email solagivingday@cfacadiana.org with your questions or comments.

Donation Process 

How are donations submitted?

What are the fees? / What percentage of each contribution will my organization receive?

An 8% fee is charged on every electronic donation. Your organization has the opportunity to receive 100% of a donation when a donor chooses to “cover the fees”. If the donor does not opt into this option, the 8% fee will be withheld from his/her contribution.  On the other hand, if the donor opts to “cover the fees,” the organization will receive 100% of the donor’s desired contribution.

Here's a breakdown of the 8%: 

During South Louisiana Giving Day, a third-party vendor charges a 3% credit/debit card processing fee for online donations. Additionally, a 3% technology fee is assessed by CiviCore, CFA’s SOLA Giving Day technology partner. Finally, CFA charges a 2% fee on online donations to help cover the cost of hosting South Louisiana Giving Day.

Please note, there are no fees assessed on prize dollars, matching funds, or contributions made through Donor Advised Fund transfers.

Can donors make an inter-fund transfer from their Donor Advised Fund at Community Foundation of Acadiana?

Yes!  To make an inter-fund transfer, email Katie Lahey at klahey@cfacadiana.org, or Eric Guidry at eguidry@cfacadiana.org before Thursday, May 10.

Can donors schedule their donations before Thursday, May 10?

Yes!  You can schedule an online contribution to the organization of your choice beginning on Monday, March 12.

To schedule your contribution, visit the website, select a beneficiary organization, and click the blue "Give" button or blue "Donate Now" button.  After selecting or writing-in the donation amount of your choice, click "Add to Cart." At this point, you will have the option of making additional contributions to either the Gumbo Fund or other participating nonprofit organizations. This is not a requirement.  Once you are ready to apply payment, click the blue "Checkout" button.  Due to the fact that your contribution will be scheduled to be processed on May 10 and will not be processed immediately, donors will need to create a donor profile so that their payment information can be filed. This is completed by providing your First Name, Last Name, and Email and creating a Password.  The password must have at least 1 upper case letter and 1 lower case letter for security purposes.  Once the login is created, simply enter in your credit/debit card or eCheck information, billing information, and agree to the Terms of Service before submitting your contribution. **Please note, this contribution will not be processed and you will not receive a gift receipt until the actual date of South Louisiana Giving Day, which is May 10, 2018.

Will donors receive a receipt for their donation?

Yes, donors will automatically receive an on-screen acknowledgment and an e-mailed receipt for their 100% tax-deductible donation once their contribution is processed (May 10). Every charity profiled on this site is recognized by and is in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service.

When will organizations receive the donated funds?

CFA has reserved 6-weeks post-event to finalize the reconciliation process. This means, organizations can expect to receive all donations, less any uncovered processing fees, by June 30, 2018 via mailed check to the address listed in the organizations profile page.

How do organizations identify donors and contributions? Can I download a donations report?

All participating organizations can access and download a .CSV file of their donations via their administrative dashboard in their South Louisiana Giving Day profile account. The report is updated in real-time and will include the donation payout date for bank account reconciliation, donation information (including a breakdown of the fees), along with the donor's name and contact information. 

Who will receive a donor's contact information?

The organization(s) you support will have access to your name and email address. This information is used solely to send thank you messages, provide the option to receive future notifications, and to notify you of future activities.

You have the option to make your donation anonymous. Anonymous donations will be displayed as "Anonymous" on the organization's page.

Do donors need to create an account with South Louisiana Giving Day?

No, you do not need to create an account unless you are making a scheduled donation (see above). The benefits of creating an account include tax receipts collecting in one location, the ability to track your donations, and the chance to engage in future volunteering and fundraising efforts for the organizations you support.  If you do not create an account, however, your tax receipt will be emailed to you immediately upon processing your donation(s). To claim a donation as a deduction on U.S. taxes, you should retain the donation receipt as an official record.

What if a preferred organization is not listed?

Donors can contact the organization directly to suggest that they register and participate in South Louisiana Giving Day 2019.

Who is Community Foundation of Acadiana?

Community Foundation of Acadiana is the host of South Louisiana Giving Day. CFA is a tax-exempt, nonprofit foundation whose core purpose is building legacies and improving communities by connecting generous people to the causes they care about. CFA's focus is to benefit Louisiana communities through philanthropy. Since inception in 2000, CFA has received more than $225M in cumulative gifts and distributed over $107M in grants to more than 1,500 nonprofit organizations, churches, schools and public entities. Learn more at www.cfacadiana.org.  For more information about participating in South Louisiana Giving Day, email solagivingday@cfacadiana.org.