It is the mission of Claire House to provide a holistic approach to services for women of Claire House who suffers from Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Substance abuse.
Claire House provides a safe and secure environment where clients' begin to rebuild their lives. Various groups address the mental, physical and spiritual aspects. In addition, a multi-disciplinary team approach allows for various inputs within the treatment process.

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Category: Health
Parish: St. Mary
"PROJECT SAFE PLAY" Children and families using playground equipment can experience many health, social and cognitive benefits from safe playground equipment. Many children may experience falls and injuries due to unsafe playground equipment. We can reduce the risk of injury by providing safer equipment with a safer environment. The Claire House for Women and Children feels outdoor play is an important part of a child's development. Playing outside in fresh air can be fun and adventurous, particularly when there is safe equipment to play with playmates. However, Claire House for Women and Children kids are less active than they should be due to the old equipment that is fifteen years plus that is worn and in dangerous state at the moment. Claire House United Way wants to create a safe play area for children. We would like to provide lots of scope to run, climb, swing, explore and play imaginary games with careful planning however, play environments can be challenging and safe for children.