Disch-DeClouet Social Service Center

WHAT WE DO:The Disch-DeClouet Social Service Center has provided assistance to poor and needy individuals and families of Iberia Parish for 43 years. We help with utilities, housing, food, clothing (including coats, school uniforms and work clothing), diapers, medicine, medical and dental bills, school supplies, emergency shelter and other basic human needs. We provide counseling on reducing expenses (such as energy saving tips); increasing income (such as training referrals, job seeking information and adult education information); and healthy living. We try to provide a safety net for families who often have no ability to save for emergencies, such as car or home repairs; medical expenses; medical problems resulting in missing work; cutback in hours, or weather related spikes in utility bills. In 2018 we provided 65 tons of food to hungry families; utility and housing assistance over 4,000 times; and clothing over 1,000 times.
WHO WE SERVE: 60% of our clients are elderly or disabled; 20% are working in low paying jobs; and most of our other clients are dealing with employment barriers such as lack of child, lack of transportation; lack of skills; or lack of jobs. Over 1,000 of the families we serve have children. About 50 of our clients are homeless. Clients can get help once a month, but most of our clients come less than 5 times a year.
WHO WE ARE: We are staffed 100% by dedicated, committed and compassionate volunteers.

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Category: Human Services
Parish: Iberia
Website: http://dischdeclouetsocialservicecenter.org